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Sometimes I just wonder what my followers are doing right now, where they are around this great big world, and why they ship hiddlespace which I feel has no sign of coming any closer to reality…*sobs*

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Anonymous asked: Nebulas backstory is covered in the gotg prelude (1) and it is 64619474629% worse than lokis. Like she was (most likely )kidnapped and turned into a bad person. Loki is mostly overreacting imo


wow thanks I should have a look at it. It turns out I was right about thinking Loki was a little too sensitive in a way. I hope the second movie tells more of her story.

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Is Nebula another Loki?

SPOILER ALERT just in case.

Watching Guardians of the Galaxy, I found some common issues from Nebula and Loki. Apparently they are both adoptded. Thanos favours Gamora - that line when he specifically mentioned ‘my favourite girl’ was even more brutal - so Odin does Thor. The last scene of Nebula when she cuts off her own wrist and falls from the spaceship reminded me of the fall of Loki from Thor 1. Could it possibly be intended or am I just overreacting? Either way I get completely different feelings towards each character. I felt no pity for Nebula yet I want to hear more story from her because it could turn out even more dramatic than Loki’s. I’m very much looking forward for the second movie if they cover more of her side of the story.

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The very first person that popped in my head when I saw Lee’s selfie.

The very first person that popped in my head when I saw Lee’s selfie.

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